Fitness Cooling Towel

Fitness Cooling Towel


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Instant-Cool Fitness Towel

Big size & multipurpose.
Perfect fit for any type of physical activities including running, cycling, yoga, gym and fitness, game sports, etc.
Your best companion on a hiking trip. Can be used as bandana and is UPF 45+ which is a sunscreen protection standard.
Protects from heat stress and sun stroke in hot summer days.
Can be used as fever relief when put on patient's forehead.

Cools down instantly.
Hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when you simply soak, wring out and snap it.
Takes less than 1 minute to go from 132 °F (55°C) to 60 °F (15.5 °C).
Re-wet to reactivate it.

The super absorbent fiber weave technology of the Instant-Cool Fitness Towel regulates the water inside and ensures water retention, so it's treating it like an air-conditioner, and within seconds you get cold. Like sweat on you skin, when water evaporates it cools. But with the potented design of the fiber used in our towel evaporative cooling effect is maximized.
Even if the fiber gets wet with your sweat, the towel wil get cool.

Instant-Cool Fitness Towel is 100% free of chemicals and is antiallercis as well as it is recyclable.

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