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There's nothing like hard-boiled eggs on a Sunday morning, is there? However, since everyone has different preferences, it can be a tricky job to make a perfect boiled egg for everyone. Some want their eggs boiled soft, so the yolk is still liquid, others prefer their eggs medium or hard-boiled. The question is how exactly to get this done. A kitchen timer can help but isn't always that convenient, since the cooking time is dependent on several factors such as the size of the egg, water temperature and production date. The good news is, that we have the solution.

This smart egg timer is added to the eggs in the pan. The egg cooker then measure how far the egg is cooked based on the temperature. You will find the words 'hard', 'medium' and 'soft' written on the egg timer. When you cook an egg and want to opt for soft, you will see the red color match 'soft'. When you want a hard-boiled egg, take it out when the red color of the egg timer has shrunk to the word 'hard'. Piece of cake, right? :-)

Product details

Material: Plastic
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Certification: CE / EU
Appearance: Common
Plastic Type: PE
Fixed Time: ?1 hours
Function: Egg Timer
Color: Red
Net Weight: 70g
Diameter: 56mm*45mm

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